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Clair is the Associate Director for History, Film Studies, and Media Communications in the School of Arts.

Clair is a member of the WOW (Ways of Writing in art and design) research network and the Visual Culture Research Group, which is a cross-disciplinary group of art and design practitioners, historians and theorists interested in visuality and visual culture (https://vcrg.co.uk/). 

Her research interests broadly involve feminist inquiry into the human experience, whether through relationships to land and/or the sensory, especially touch as a phenomenological experience and as represented, most especially in visual art and film.

Current research projects include:

Eyedrops: A Monoculogue to be published in the Special Issue of The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice Dec 2022. The film can be viewed here: Eyedrops

The Pastoral Turn. Utilising a discursive, interdisciplinary theoretical framework, the research explores the combinations of humour and challenges to wellness formed through the ludic sensibilities of recent British comedy, asking questions of the extent to which the educative imperatives within the diegesis of the storyline emphasise the pastoral and whether this can be considered a 'pastoral turn'. The Pastoral Turn

Wrens of the Curragh. This extensive research concerns the community of women and children living on The Curragh of County Kildare in 19th Century Ireland. This research as practice work seeks to bridge the gap between academic study and creative work

Concatenation from the thing; speaking; listening; writing; repeat. What does it mean to converse? How are ideas produced by and through talking? What happens in dialogue when two people consider the same object? How can this dialogue – its creation, delivery, and reception, be reflected upon through writing which takes place post-discussion and individually, and what insights can the individual writing about a dialogic exchange produce? Taking a material object as a point of focus, a series of talks between two friends, both academics within different, yet companionable fields – English Literature and Visual Culture – will form the material for reflective writing which considers the power of conversation in evoking thought. A joint project with Dr Jenny Lewis of Bath Spa University


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