Mr Damian Gibson

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Area of expertise

We build:

  • Introduce and continually improve standards driven approaches throughout IT Services so the service is productive and competent, and the University's IT is effective, efficient and secure.
  • Meet student and staff increasing expectations of technology by ensuring IT projects/strategic programmes are delivered on time & to the required standard. 
  • Protect the University's information and computing resources by minimising the impact of fast evolving threats. 
  • Get the best performance and value out of our IT suppliers by implementing and managing a robust process across IT Services.
  • Drive information/data management best practice throughout the University to enable improved performance in information management.
  • Create, implement and evolve the University's security strategy so technology advances can be fully and safely utilised by students and staff.

We educate:

  • Educate everyone about their information security accountabilities. 
  • Support our students to be 'ready and able graduates' by ensuring all teams in ITS provide 'real world experience'.

We communicate:

  • Listen to/update stakeholders on the status of current services, progress with projects and future plans. 

Demonstrate and actively communicate IT Services performance, including value for money, to the University and its Governors. 


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