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About me

I have worked professionally as technician in both sound and lighting and have also been involved in the teaching and instructing of both subjects in higher education. I have worked on sound crews for many of the best-known musicals and biggest theatres in the West End. I have created music and sound design for theatre, television and film. I have worked as a freelance venue technician in many venues across the UK operating lighting and sound for theatre, dance and music performances. I am familiar with and comfortable operating a wide range of lighting and sound equipment.

Area of expertise

In my current role as Live and Digital Performance Technical Team Leader, at the University of the West of England, I contribute to the Drama and performance/stage craft related degree programmes development and design from a technical lead specialist knowledge background. This involves keeping abreast of developments in technology and liaising with, advising, and leading with the academic programme staff on the design and delivery of technical course content, including the design and preparation of learning materials, and contributing to the discussion and planning of the curriculum and developments in the technical area of Drama and Performance and other programmes encompassing performance/stage craft/technology related activity.


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