Dr David Fernandez

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About me

I am a wildlife conservation biologist. I use a multidisciplinary approach to monitor and study wildlife populations, identity and evaluate conservation threats, and translate the results of these studies into informed policy recommendations. Most of my work is based in two locations: Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea (West Africa) where I have worked since 2002 in partnership with the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program; and the Udzungwa Mountains of Tanzania, where I co-direct the Sanje Mangabey Project, a long-term conservation initiative dedicated to the study and protection of the Sanje mangabey, an endangered primate endemic to Tanzania. Currently, I am developing large-scale biomonitoring programs to remotely monitor wildlife, detect illegal human activity and identify priority areas for conservation in both Bioko and the Udzungwa region.

 I hold a BSc (Licenciatura) in Zoology from Universidad de Alcalá (Spain), and a Ph.D. and MSc in Biological Anthropology and Conservation from Stony Brook University, New York (USA).

Area of expertise

Population surveying and monitoring

Wildlife behavioural ecology
Primate ecology and endocrinology
Environmental education and community outreach


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