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  • Qualifications:BSc MSc PhD FHEA
  • Position:Professor in Bioanalytical Science
  • Department:HAS - Applied Sciences
  • Telephone:+4411732 87353

About me

Named as one of the world's 100 most influential analytical scientists by "Analytical Science" magazine
in 2019
in 2015
and in 2013
after  polls of its 60,000+ readers and the input of  expert juries.

Winner of the Silver Jubilee Medal of the Chromatographic Society 2008.

Winner of the Martin Gold Medal of the Chromatographic Society 2024.

Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Chromatography A/LC.GC. 

Author of most read article in LC.GC (europe) magazine 2019    h index 45

Invited Lectures since 2013, ESPCI (Paris, France 2013), HPLC 2013 (Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2013), Balaton Symposium (Balaton, Hungary 2013), Dutch Chemical Society (Utrecht, Netherlands 2013), HPLC 2014 (New Orleans, USA 2014), 7th Nordic Separation Society Symposium (Stockholm, Sweden 2014), 30th International Symposium on Chromatography (Salzburg, Austria 2014), CECE (Brno, Czech Republic 2014), MASSEP (Broad Institute, Harvard University USA 2015), Waters Corporation (Milford, USA 2015), University of Essen (Essen, Germany 2015), HPLC 2015 (Geneva, Switzerland, 2015), 8th Nordic Separation Society Symposium (Helsinki, Finland, 2015), 60th Anniversary Chromatography Society (London, 2016), HPLC 2016 (San Francisco, USA 2016), 31st international Symposium on Chromatography (Cork, Eire, 2016), Royal Society of Chemistry (London, 2016), Association francophone des sciences s├ęparatives (Paris, 2017), HPLC 2017 (Prague 2017), Balaton Symposium (Lake Balaton, Hungary 2017), 23rd Norwegian Chromatography Symposium (Sandefjord, 2018), 32nd International Symposium on Chromatography, (Cannes, France 2018), Eastern Analytical Symposium, (Princeton, USA 2018), HPLC 2019 (Milan, Italy 2019, standard lecture), Balaton Symposium (Lake Balaton, Hungary, 2019), Agilent international conference on HPLC (virtual, 2021), HTC-17 (Gent, Belgium, 2022), HPLC 2022 (San Diego, USA 2022), British Mass Spectrometry Society (Manchester 2022), Club Lyonnaise de Chromatographie (Lyon, France, 2022), 6th Starrs conference on separation science (Hradec Kralove, Czechia, 2022), HPLC 2023 (Dusseldorf, Germany, 2023), HTC-18 (Leuven, Belgium 2024  standard lecture); HPLC 2024 (Denver, USA 2024 standard lecture)


Area of expertise

Research Interests
Research is in the fundamental mechanisms and applications of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography (GC) to the solution of problems especially in biomedical, pharmaceutical and forensic science. In HPLC, the causes of overloading and peak tailing in reversed phase HPLC (RPLC) have been investigated, especially with application to the separation of pharmaceuticals. This work is important in the determination of impurities in pharmaceuticals, where the overloaded peak of the active ingredient may obscure impurity peaks. Detrimental chromatographic interactions have also been linked to the basicity and stereochemistry of different pharmaceuticals. Studies of the effect of elevated temperature in HPLC have been carried out in order to improve analysis speed. Much work has been carried out on the classification of columns for pharmaceutical analysis together with chemometric analysis of the data; some of this work has been adopted by regulatory authorities in the USA. Recent investigations have included studies of hydrophilic interaction chromatography and its application in pharmaceutical analysis, comparing its advantages and disadvantages with respect to RPLC. Other work has studied the effect of pressure on retention of small molecules in liquid chromatography, and assessment of the properties of fused core stationary phases.
In gas chromatography, research has included investigations of oestrogens in enviromental samples that have been shown to cause feminisation effects and loss of fertility in male fish, and other sterols used as indicators of environmental pollution.
Teaching Interests
Analytical Science, High performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, classical methods of analysis. Forensic, biomedical, pharmaceutical and environmental applications. 


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