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My research spans informatics, mechatronics, sensing and signal processing for health applications.​​  I have developed new techniques for automated interpretation of various signals from the human body, including electrophysiology (EEG, ECG, intracardiac electrograms) and motion capture (IMUs, markerless camera-based systems). I also have experience in robotics and software development.

Based at UWE's Health Tech Hub, I am custodian of our Living Lab, a facility to support commercial and academic development of in-home health technologies.  The Living Lab is a fully furnished one-bed apartment that serves as a test-bed for evaluating human behaviour and/or novel systems.  It is equipped with a wide range of sensors to capture detailed information about the environment, its occupants, and their activity. The data generated can inform research into device usage, human behaviour, ergonomics/biomechanics, and other fields.

I am always happy to discuss potential collaborations with clinicians, companies, academics, and prospective PhD students.

For a full list of publications, please see my Google Scholar profile.

Area of expertise

medical informatics; digital signal processing; physiological sensing; human robotics


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