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I previously worked as a lead forensic scientist on a homicide team, dealing primarily with casework from the Metropolitan Police.  As a forensic biologist and expert witness, my case load dealt mainly with offences against the person, such as murder, grievous bodily harm, sexually motivated crime and kidnap.  I am currently the module leader for the level 4 Advanced Crime Scene Science, level 2 Forensic Biology and level 1 Human Biological Systems modules.  My current research projects include investigating the identification of blood that has been airborne prior to deposition and whether one is able to differentiate this from physiologically altered dried flakes of blood resulting from contamination. 

Area of expertise

MSc, BSc and FdSc programmes in Forensic Science; Advanced Crime Scene Science; Forensic Biology and Genetics; Wildlife Forensics; Blood Pattern Analysis; Interpretation of complex DNA results.


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