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Dr Disi Chen is a Lecturer in Robotics and Machine Vision and he is a member of the Centre for Machine Vision (CMV), Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL). Disi had completed a BEng degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MEng degree in Engineering. The research topic of his Master is Fast hand gesture recognition using an interactive image segmentation algorithm, which efficiently reduced the number of pixels required to process and boost the speed of hand gesture recognition.

After the Master, he undertook his PhD at the University of Portsmouth on a Probabilistic Framework for Human-robot Skill Transfer. The contribution of this research is two-fold. Firstly, a novel Curved Gaussian Mixture Model (CGMM) was proposed with both batch and incremental parameter learning algorithms. Secondly, a Virtual Reality based system was designed to provide an intuitive interface for human skill demonstration perception. The perceived skills were encoded by the CGMM and efficiently transferred to a redundant robot.  

Area of expertise

Disi's current research interests are Machine Vision and Machine Learning in Robotics.


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