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Candidate for PhD in Robotics at Bristol Robotics Laboratory.

I am a roboticist with an ample international background, working with new assistive devices to enhance the independence of people with tetraplegia. I am a multidisciplinary researcher focused on robots to help vulnerable people, currently developing tools for people with paralysis to regain independence and improve their quality of life. I concentrate on eye-controlled technology, working directly with users, and body instrumentation.

Area of expertise

Some of my previous projects/work involved designing soft prosthetics, microscope accessories and lots of social work. Previous collaborations include online data classification with the Assisted Living Studio at the BRL, design tasks with BIOMAP-3D at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid in an ERC-funded project, and with the Georgia Institute of Technology in the bio-medicine department at the Butera Lab.

I am currently a lecturer at UWE, teaching electronics, human-robot interaction, and assistive robotics. If you are interested in working on robotics projects with social impact, feel free to contact me!

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