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Farzad Hejazi

PhD in Structural Engineering


Current position:

Lecturer in Department of Geography and Environmental Management


Former Position:

Associate Professor, Innovation Coordinator for Faculty of Engineering and Research Coordinator for Civil Engineering Department (in university ranked as 132 in QS Ranking)

Innovation Champion and Liaison Officer for Commercialization of Developed Product in University


Teaching Experience:

10 Years for PhD/Master Students and 5 Years for Undergraduate Students (More than 7,000 Hours in total)


Summary of Research Achievements:

  • Graduated 26 PhD students and more than 100 Master Students.
  • Awarded more 16 research projects as Leader and 8 Projects as main member with total project cost of more than 1,042,255 £.
  • Commercialized 4 Products for mass production (Vibration Damper Device for Bridges and Buildings)
  • Filed and granted 23 Patents in USA, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Malaysia and 4 copy right
  • Published 7 books in Springer and Taylor and Francis.
  • Published more than 140 ISI/Scopus Indexed Research Papers (H Index = 20).
  • Nominated as Expert Witness for High Court for Forensic Study of collapsed buildings/bridges.
  • Awarded 35 Medals and 5 Special Awards in Innovation and Invention Competitions in USA, Taiwan, Malaysia such as the Best Innovation Award of 2021 by Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation.


Brief Biography:

Farzad Hejazi received his PhD in Structural Engineering from University Putra Malaysia (UPM) in 2011 and he trained by Stanford International Stanford Research International (USA) for Five Disciplines of Innovation, Business Terms and Venture Plan Essentials then accordingly, he appointed as Innovation Coordinator (2014) for Faculty of Engineering, UPM and then as Research Coordinator (2017) for Department of Civil Engineering to lead research and innovation in Faculty with more than 270 Academic member and 1000 researchers.

Since 2011, he is teaching for master and PhD students and he managing and supervising research team include of 35 PhD students and more than 100 Master Students involving with his high impact research and industry projects which funded more than 1 Million GBP by Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, PlaTCOM Venture Malaysian Government Agency, and industrial companies which led to file more than 15 patents in USA, Japan, Germany, Canada, New Zealand and Malaysia. Four of his patents related to vibration dissipation devices already licensed to industry for mass production and implement in the bridges and structures.


Area of expertise

  1. Structural Engineering
  2. Structural Dynamic and Vibration
  3. Design of Steel and Reinforced concrete Structures
  4. Finite Element Method
  5. Inelastic Analysis, Earthquake Engineering,
  6. Vibration Damping Device,
  7. Vibration Dissipation Systems for Buildings and Bridges,
  8. Active and Passive Structural Control Systems,
  9.  Optimization of Structures, Computer Program Coding,
  10. Structure Simulation,
  11. Design and Specification of Structures According to The Relevant Codes of Practice,
  12. Retrofitting and refurbishment of existing structures,
  13. Artificial Intelligence and design of Complex Structures,
  14. Machine learning systems for structural health monitoring of towers/bridges,
  15.   Health monitoring of railways and bridges through drone technology,
  16. Resilience Structures/ Infrastructures (Bridges and Towers),
  17. Automation control system for Bridges (and structures),
  18. Smart and Semi-Active Control System for Bridges and Structures,
  19. Precast Construction Technology for structures and infrastructure (Segmental Bridges, Communication Towers),
  20. Computational design and advanced numerical simulations of complex structures,
  21. High Performance Concrete with Green Carbon as low embodied carbon,
  22. Simulation of structures, bridges and towers using remote sensing
  23. Innovation Development and Innovation Management
  24. Product Value Proposition,
  25. Commercialization of New Technologies,
  26. Technology Management,
  27. Intellectual Property Management


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