Dr Gareth Robinson

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My research interests involve the applications of bacterial bioluminescence; the transfer of genes from naturally bioluminescent bacteria to bacteria which affect human health offers a unique mechanism through which the metabolism of bacterial cells can be monitored. 

I have experience in genetic modification of human pathogens with plasmid-borne bacterial lux genes, detection of expression and using these recombinant bioluminescent reporter strains as whole-cell bioreporters. I have utilised bioluminescent reporter species for: monitoring the efficacy of antibiotics; in transcytosis and invasion assays in coculture with human cell lines; to monitor the effect of novel biocides in real time in situ using a range of detection technology; developing an assay to monitor the efficacy of fast acting biocides in real time; assessing the in vitro efficacy of a novel anti-leukaemic drug. 

My research using biocides has developed into assessing novel delivery mechanisms such as aerosol technology, novel biocide technologies including non thermal plasma, utilising both wild-type human pathogens and genetically modified bioluminescent bacterial reporter strains.‚Äč


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