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My area of interest is molecular plant-microbe interactions and the arms race that occurs between bacterial pathogens and their plant hosts. My work revolves around crop pathogens and in particular, I work with Pseudomonas syringae (P.s.) pathovar phaseolicola (Pph) which causes halo blight of the common bean, P.s. pathovar syringae (Pss) and P.s. pathovar morsprunorum (Psm) both of which cause bacterial canker of stone fruit. Pss is particularly virulent and able to cause disease in 180 plant species.

I am currently collaborating with Dr Richard Harrison at East Malling Research on a project aimed at developing durable disease resistance to bacterial Cherry canker caused by Pss and Psm. I am using transposon tagging and sequencing approaches to identify P.s. genes involved in colonisation and persistence in the host.

As well as my research, I supervise PhD students, I am a member of the departments Athena SWAN team and I have two young children.

Area of expertise

Molecular Genetics and Microbiolgy.


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