Dr Henrique Tavares Furtado

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About me

Dr Henrique Tavares Furtado completed his PhD in Politics from the University of Manchester in 2016, when he joined the Politics and IR programme at UWE. He is the Co-convenor of the BISA Poststructural Politics Working Group and a council member of the Latin American Bureau (LAB).  

Area of expertise

His research investigates processes of accountability in the wake of mass atrocities, focusing on the co-constitutive links between the memory of political violence and the implementation of transitional/post-conflict justice. His other research interests involve political mobilisations of the language of trauma, Latin American politics, decolonial conceptualisations of violence and critiques of exceptionalism in Global politics. His work has appeared in the journals Security Dialogue, Critical Studies on Terrorism, Critical Military Studies, the edited volume Politics of Anxiety (Rowman & Littlefield) and the online magazine Open Democracy. 


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