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Heshachanaa is a Lecturer in Civil Engineering at the University of the West of England (UWE), with over five years of rigorous research and development, and teaching experience. As an academic, Heshachanaa has been recognized for her creative teaching approaches, encouraging active student participation and effectively communicating complex engineering concepts to a diverse student body.

With a solid background in handling UK, EU, and international research grant applications, Heshachanaa has a profound interest in novel materials, advanced construction techniques, and sustainable methodologies. Her research actively contributes to areas such as sustainable and resilient structure design, modern methods of construction including net-zero carbon buildings, modular buildings, advanced concrete technology, and the application of artificial intelligence in civil engineering practices.

Her PhD research focused on developing innovative modular building systems with enhanced performance features, which underscores her technical expertise in structural, thermal, and fire design and analysis, construction management, and environmental engineering. Her dedication to improving the safety, sustainability, and efficiency of civil engineering projects is evident through her interdisciplinary collaboration and application of advanced technologies. 

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Area of expertise

  • Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and Net Zero Carbon Buildings.
  • Steel, Concrete and Timber Interlocking and Connection Systems.
  • Sustainable and Composite Materials & Build-up Sections.
  • Advanced Cement and Concrete Technology (3D Printed Structures).
  • Modular Buildings & Prefab Components (Structural, energy, fire and acoustic performance).
  • Emergency Shelters and FlatPack / Foldable Modular Buildings.


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