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I am a criminologist with an interest in a range of problems associated with problematic forms of drug taking. I completed my first degree and PhD in Sociology at the University of the West of England. My research is therefore underpinned by sociological perspectives. In my doctoral research, I investigated the ways in which problem drug users are governed through a combination of political and scientific rationalities. My interest in substance misuse comes from previous professional experience of working with problem drug users in drug treatment and criminal justice settings.

Area of expertise

History of drug policy and practice; sociology of substance misuse and the addicted body; regulation of problem drug users.

I am currently working on two projects;

The first project is developing an idea from a recent publication in which I reconceptualised the addicted body as a poisoned body. I am considering the implications of this idea for contemporary drug treatment interventions that continue to treat and reconstruct the problem drug user as a poisoned object.

The second project is investigating experiences of coming off drugs in prison. This is an internally funded pilot project. I am particularly interested in analysing the self-care practices that drug dependent prisoners use to cope with coming off drugs in prison.


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