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Ian Johnson is currently associate head of department information science and responsible for managing roughly a third of the departments staff.  Prior to this he was programme leader for the B.Sc. Forensic Computing & Security programme (now renamed Cyber security & Digital Forensics). He is a highly experienced teacher and academic with a history of programme and module design. He has designed and led modules for nearly thirty years in a number of programmes from the MSc Parallel Computer Systems (1989) through the MSc Systems Administration and Security, to the current undergraduate Forensic Computing & Security programme for which he led the redesign in 2016.  His main interests are networks & network security, operating systems and embedded systems and he has previously led modules in these areas. 

He has interests covering  a wide gamut of cyber security issues, from embedded systems security, through network forensics to the tracability of digital currency transactions.

Area of expertise

Host & network security.

Programming (particularly embedded C)



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