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I have a doctorate degree from De Montfort University where I studied Molecular toxicology. During my time at De Montfort University, I developed several expression DNAs, these plasmids were used to established expression systems both in mammalian and yeast cells. The expression systems were taken up for commercial research by a company, CYP Design LTD. Also during this time, I developed a crude technique for using whole cells in the biotransformation of natural compounds and other potential therapeutic target drugs. E.g Chrysin to Baiceilin etc. I was involved in the project of establishment of the point of care or home use bio-sensor for vitamin D using the whole cell's system.

Area of expertise

  • Excellent background in molecular cloning techniques (DNA amplification and cloning, vector design, Ligation of insert + Vector, DNA sequence analysis, mutagenesis, gel purification, Electrophoresis, archiving of samples, sample preparation for transfections into a mammalian cell, and purity check). I have clone more than 40 plasmids that are have been expressed in mammalian and yeast cells.
  • Development of Expression system used in Bio-sensor for home or point of care for patient use.
  • Vast experience in primer design, vector modification, promoter modification, tandem for expression up-regulation, and PCR.
  • The design of plasmid Maps constructs for protein expression.
  • Expert in writing, criticizing both academic and industrial journals
  • Actively collaboration with big pharma for drug discovery potential (Presently working on the finding of metabolites products from AZD2014 (AstraZeneca compound drug), also I have generated plasmids that are presently available for use (depends on interest).
  • I have an excellent Team spirit and Train team members when needed
  • Design of Experiment (DOE)
  • Process Modelling. Monitoring & Statistical Data Analysis Using SAS-JMP 7.0, Molecular Devices
  • Process optimization, scale-up, and validation Studies for Bio-manufacturing of phase I-II products, including Cell Therapeutics and Proteins and enzymes(Yeast-Microsomes)
  • Freeze drying (Lyophilisation of enzymes) protein products, dissolution,  
  • Mammalian Cell Culture, Cell Transfection, and Microbial Fermentation
  • Batch and Fed-Batch Stirred Tank Bioreactor Operation and Troubleshooting
  • Membrane Filtration, PCR.
  • Metabolites and Protein Analysis and Characterization using LC-MS-Mass Spec, HPLC-Agilent, SDS-PAGE, Coomassie and Silver Staining, Western Blot, ELISA. UV-Spec, TLC, Densitometry Analyses, etc.
  • Excellent knowledge of Clone Manager Professional 9(for construction of plasmids), SQL, SPSS.
  • Documentation system (Lab Notebooks, SOP, BPRs, Process Validation, QC, Technical Reports
  • GMP, GLP and ISO Guidelines, BSL-2 and BSL-3 Training
  • Using automated liquid machines and storages


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