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  • Qualifications:PhD Linguistics 2003 University of Nijmegen The Netherlands and Max Planck and Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig Germany, MA Linguistics 1999 Aarhus Universitet Denmark, BA Linguistics and Finnish 1998 Aarhus Universitet Denmark
  • Position:Director of Student Experience, ACE
  • Department:Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries, and Education (ACE)
  • Telephone:+4411732 82389
  • Email:Jeanette.Sakel@uwe.ac.uk
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About me

Director of Student Experience
National Teaching Fellow

Area of expertise

I am responsible for the Student Experience, Learning and Teaching and Quality, supporting the School of Arts within the College of Arts, Technology and Environment.

I joined UWE in 2007 as a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and have held a range of teaching and managerial roles since then. I collaborate across the university, e.g. on the development of policies and regulations, and within the college on quality and student experience matters. At the same time, I am supporting the programmes in School in relation to learning and teaching, student experience and quality.

My background is as a linguist conducting research on Language Contact, Typology and Amerindian Languages (Amazonian Languages, Greenlandic).

Language Contact

I work on Language Contact, in particular grammatical contact phenomena. I have conducted extensive fieldwork on various contact situations: Mosetén and Spanish in Bolivia; Pirahã and Portuguese in Brazil; Somali in the UK.

I have co-edited the book 'Grammatical Borrowing in Cross-Linguistic Perspective' (2007,  Mouton de Gruyter) with Yaron Matras. I've edited a volume on clause combining in Amerindian languages with Marianne Mithun and Pier Marco Bertinetto; a volume on Amerindian languages with Thomas Stolz and a special issues of International Journal of Bilingualism with Jeanine Treffers-Daller.

Linguistic Typology and Amerindian Languages

My research also encompasses language typology, Amerindian languages, linguistic fieldwork and grammar-writing, with a special focus on the languages of the Amazon. I have done extensive fieldwork in Bolivia on Mosetén (Mosetenan, unclassified) and written a descriptive grammar of the language (2004, Mouton Grammar Library, vol. 33). I have also worked on several aspects of Mosetén structure, such as the complex predicate system, the gender agreement system, argument coding and the introduction of an inclusive/exclusive distinction in the 1st person plural. I have also conducted fieldwork on another Amazonian language, Pirahã (Muran), in the state of Amazonas, Brazil, investigating the question whether Pirahã has recursion and to which degree its grammar is influenced by Portuguese. Other fieldwork experience includes work on voice structures in Kalaallisut (Greenlandic) in West Greenland.


In my teaching, I am a National Teaching Fellow and have authored two textbooks: 'Study Skills for Linguistics' (2015, Routledge) and Linguistic Fieldwork (Cambridge University Press, 2012) co-authored with Dan Everett. I have supervised eight PhD students. I run a YouTube channel for videos explaining basic grammatical terminology: YouTube channel  

I have served on a wide range of national and international committees and conducted knowledge exchange activities.

Some of my publications can be viewed here: Publications 

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