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Jemma's practice researches into industrial decline exploring spaces that have been abandoned and left to fall into disrepair. She is interested in recording our heritage before it is obliterated from our landscapes and our past culture becomes lost.

Drawing underpins her practice and informs her printmaking processes. Specialising in etching and stone lithography, these methods resonate with the subjects Jemma comes to find herself documenting. They use an enforced decay, whereby acids erode metal and physically alter the surface of a limestone, echoing with the natural decay of the architectural forms she draws.

Jemma's work asks us to slow down and consider the buildings that too many of us just walk straight past and ignore. Each Location she documents deserves to be remembered with all their underlying social history and not just another derelict and bankrupt industrial structure scattered amongst the landscape.

Alongside working as a technical instructor at UWE she is also a printmaking fellow at The City and Guilds Art College in London. ​

Jemma is also a founding member of Bristol Print Collective who deliver printmaking workshops in pop up venues in galleries, festivals and community spaces. Their aim is to keep the traditions of printmaking alive by offering accessible and engaging workshops for all members of society.


Area of expertise

Etching and Lithography 

My usual working pattern is on a Friday, please reference this when making a booking.


If you would like to book an appointment with this member of staff please make an appointment with the Student Project Coordinator

Tel: 07989449169 or email create.make@uwe.ac.uk.


The Coordinator will book an initial consultation where you can explore your initial ideas. From this meeting you will be booked into training sessions specifically for your projects needs, developing your skill so you can become a pro!



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