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I am interested in the application of technology to ecological problems including habitat management, land-use and animal movement. I am an applied ecologist with expertise in insectivorous predators, marine and wetland birds, and the impacts of development and land-use on ecosystems. I have a working interest in data analysis and statistics, using ecological models to address applied issues in industry, land management and conservation.



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Facey, R.J., Vafidis, J.O., Smith, J.A., Vaughan, I.P. and Thomas, R.J., (2020) Contrasting sensitivity of nestling and fledgling Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica body mass to local weather conditions. Ibis.

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Vafidis JO, Facey RJ, Leech D & Thomas RJ (2018) Supplemental food alters nest defence and incubation behaviour of an open‐nesting wetland songbird. Journal of Avian Biology. doi:10.1111/jav.01672

Shewring MP, Vafidis JO (2017) The effectiveness of deterrent measures to minimize disturbance impacts to breeding European nightjar at an upland wind farm site in South Wales, UK. Conservation Evidence 14: 58-60

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Vafidis JO, Vaughan IP, Jones TH, Facey RJ, Thomas RJ (2016) Experimental analysis of the mechanisms underlying behavioural adaptation to climate change in a migratory songbird. PLoS One; e0159933.

Thomas RJ, Lello J, Medieros R, Pollard A, Seward A, Smith J, Vafidis J, Vaughan, I (2015) Data Analysis with R Statistical Software; A guidebook for scientists. Eco-Explore 2015.

Vafidis, JO, Vaughan IP, Jones TH, Facey RJ, Parry R, Thomas RJ (2014) Habitat use and body mass regulation among warblers in the Sahel region during the non-breeding season. PLOS One: E0113665

Facey RJ, Vafidis JO (2013) The diet of barn owls Tyto alba at two sites in West Wales. Birds in Wales. 16(1):66

Facey RJ, Lucas A, Vafidis JO (2012) Notes on the Conservation, History and Current Status of the Tree Sparrow on Gower. Birds in Wales 9(1):3



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