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I have developed a rhetorically based approach to metaphor known as Critical Metaphor Analysis. it draws on methodologies and perspectives developed in corpus linguistics, critical linguistics and cognitive semantics (see Corpus Approaches to Critical Metaphor Analysis, Palgrave 2004). 

 I explain rhetorical choices - and in particular metaphor choices - with reference to individual pragmatic, cognitive and linguistic knowledge and to the social resources of culture, ideology and history.

I am currently working on the Discourse of Brexit across a range of genres (including the press, twitter and political speeches), in particular identifying the framing effects of metaphor. 

Recent Books

Charteris-Black, J. (forthcoming) Metaphors of Brexit: No cherries on the cake. Palgrave.

Charteris-Black, J. (2018) Analysing Political Speeches: Rhetoric, Discourse  and Metaphor. Basingstoke & New York: Palgrave-MacMillan. 2ndedition.

Charteris-Black, J. (2017) Fire Metaphors: Discourses of Awe and Authority. London: Bloomsbury.

Charteris-Black, J. (2014) Analysing Political Speeches: Rhetoric, Discourse  and Metaphor. Basingstoke & New York: Palgrave-MacMillan.

Recent Journal Articles & Chapters

Charteris-Black, J. (2017) All-Consuming Passions: Fire Metaphors in FictionIn Sandrine Sorlin (ed.), On Seductive Discourse / La Séduction du discours. E-rea 15.1

Charteris-Black J.  (2017) Competition Metaphors & Ideology: Life as a Race. R. Wodak and B. Forchtner (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Language and Politics. Pp. 202-217

Charteris-Black, J. (2017) Conclusion to Special Edition on Metaphor & Religion. Metaphor and the Social World. 7(1): 122-129

Charteris-Black J.  (2016). 'The 'dull roar' and the 'burning barbed wire pantyhose; Complex metaphor in accounts of chronic pain'. In R. Gibbs (ed.) Mixing Metaphor. Amsterdam: Benjamins, Chapter 8


Area of expertise

In 2017 and 2018 I was invited by the European Union to participate and assist in the organisation of 2 workshops entitled 'Towards a post-Lisbon narrative" (Nov 2017) and "Reframing the EU II – Relationships Matter: EU Policy-making born of Relational Political Agents (Dec 2018). The purpose of these events was to develop a counter-message to the populist style that has influenced political developments in the EU – and in other parts of the world in the post-austerity period.

Over the last several years I have become a regular invited guest speaker with a company that trains speechwriters. In March 2014, 2015 & 2016 I was an invited speaker at the Groucho Club. I have given talks on metaphors in advanced speechwriting.

May 2018 Invited speaker. University of Turin. Metaphor & Conflict.

May 2017 Invited Speaker University of Oslo. Discourses of the Nation and the National.

April 2016 Invited speaker. University of Aix en Provence, seminar series: Discourse & Seduction.

March 2016 Invited Speaker, University of Manchester. "Fire Metaphors: Discourses of Awe & Authority".


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