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  • Qualifications:BA Hons Dip Arch PGCert HE PGCert (RIBA Part3) FRSA
  • Position:Associate Professor of Architecture
  • Department:FET - Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Telephone:+4411732 83508

About me

Jonathan Mosley is an academic and a practicing architect/artist. His work explores the real, the symbolic and the imaginary of architecture, focusing and speculating on the affect of designed space on its occupants. His work employs experimental research and practice-based methods that interweave architecture and conceptual art.  Collaborating with artist Sophie Warren, recent projects either use existing urban and architectural spaces or generate new spaces as settings for physical or imaginary occupation. Within them the coded forms of architecture and its rules, roles and territories are de-stabilised and new modes of occupation and architectural design are tested. The collaboration works closely with participants and produces spaces that allow for negotiation and improvisation by their inhabitants. The work considers the dynamics and interdependencies of bodies, objects, mediated presences and architecture, creating environments that are discursive, playful and rogue.

Their projects have been commissioned by museums, galleries and research organisations internationally, including: 'Days of Action' series of events exploring collective movement and sonic action within the circulatory spaces of Tate Modern, London (2018); 'A Nodding Acquaintance' performative setting responding to the architecture of Peter and Alison Smithson for Edge Arts, Bath (2017); Institute Fran├žais 2016 artist laureates for residency at the French Communist Party Headquarters in Paris designed by Oscar Niemeyer;  'Rogue Game' (with Can Altay) a series of hybrid game settings forming solo exhibitions at Firstsite, Colchester (2015), Spike Island, Bristol (2012), Casco, Utrecht (2011) and solo event at Showroom, London (2010); event series 'Utopian talk-show line-up' (2012-14) at Moderna Museet, Malmo, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, SantralIstanbul, Istanbul; 'Doing Things Separately Together' mapping project examining co-occupation of urban space at Arnolfini, Bristol (2014); 'Strategies of Indirection' for 'The Right to the City' exhibition and conference at Tins Sheds Gallery, Sydney (2011); publication 'Beyond Utopia' (Berlin: Errant Bodies Press, 2012) presenting the screenplay of a provocative planning application for an imaginary architectural vertical common for the City of London. 

Their work has been extensively published and recently critiqued in Atkinson, D (2017) 'Art, Disobedience and Ethics: Adventures of Pedagogy' (Palgrave Macmillan), Wilson, R. (2015) 'Image, Text, Architecture' (London: Ashgate), Smith, E. (2015) 'The Practice of Place' (London: Architecture Association Bedford Press), Stott, T. (2015) 'Play and Participation in Contemporary Art Practices' (London: Routledge, 2015). The collaboration has won awards from Arts and Humanities Research Council, Arts Council England, British Council, Rootstein Hopkins Foundation and Institute Fran├žais.

Jonathan has lectured widely on his work. He supervises and examines practice-based PhDs within the broad subject areas: design and occupation of space; experimental methodologies within spatial design processes; space and mediation. He leads the final year design studio of BA Hons Interior Architecture and Design Research within the Masters of Architecture course.

Area of expertise

- Design research and practice-led research methodologies.

- Collaboration and trans-disciplinarity across art and architecture.

- Conceptual and architectural frameworks that engender participation in creative and discursive activity.

- Utopian thinking as a critical / speculative architectural tool.

- Scripted space and the planning, non-planning and multi-programming of 'public' and institutional architectural and urban space.


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