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Module leader for the FdSc module Introduction to Pathophysiology of Disease.

Module leader for the MSc module Practical Skills.

Module leader for the level 2 module Studies in the Biology of Disease.

A Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, PGCert (UWE, Bristol).

Completed PhD and postdoc examining the expression of the human branched chain aminotransferase protein and the metabolism of the branched chain amino acids in the human brain in both health and disease (UWE).  Since then, my research interests have expanded into the metabolism of cancer and the production of novel cancer therapies.  

Area of expertise


In teaching I cover a range of subjects at varying levels. Subjects like Genetics, Pathophysiology and Biochemistry I cover from level 1 (in Cell Biochemistry and Genetics and Pathophysiology of Disease) to level 3 and MSc level (in Medical Genetics and Clinical Biochemsitry).

Every year I take final year undergraduate students and masters students for their projects. These will involve techniques such as cell culture, flow cytommetry and wet transfer Western blot. 


Over the course of my research career, I have gained a working understanding of molecular biology, protein biochemistry, neuroanatomy and neuropathology, particularly associated with dementia and cancer pathology.  I have collaborated with key researchers in neurological disease such as Professor Seth Love and Professor Patrick Kehoe at the South West Dementia Brain Bank (University of Bristol); Dr.  Kathreena Kurian at the Department of Neuropathology (Southmead Hospital); and Dr. Mehta at the Department of Haematology (University Hospital, Bristol).


Hull, J., El Hindy, M., Kehoe, P., Chalmers, K., Love, S., Conway, M.  (2015) Regional increase in the expression of the BCAT proteins in Alzheimer's disease brain:  Implications in glutamate toxicity.  Journal of Alzheimer's disease; 45 (3):  891-905. 

Hull, J., Patel, V.B., Hutson, S.M., Conway, M.E.  (2015) New insights into the role of the branched chain aminotransferase proteins in the human brain.  Journal of Neuroscience Research; 93(7):  987-998. 

​Hull, J., El Hindy, M., Kehoe, P., Chalmers, K., Love, S., Conway, M.  (2012) Distribution of the branched chain aminotransferase proteins in the human brain and their role in glutamate regulation.  Journal of Neurochemistry; 123 (6):  997-1009. 


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