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About me

I completed my BSc Psychology degree from Cardiff University in 2019, at which time I was offered a position as a research assistant to complete a project investigating the neural mirroring of facial expressions. I later secured a research assistant post at UWE which has led to my current role as an associate lecturer teaching and supervising on the Developing Self and Society module at level 2.

In 2022 I secured a fully funded PhD through the ESRC South West Doctorate Training Partnership. Broadly, my research interests are centered around cognitive neuroscience, visual perception, and perceptual learning; more specifically, I am interested in exploring the underlying cognitive and neural mechanisms that underly visual search. During my PhD programme I will be investigating visual search within a professional population - Radiologists. I aim to explore what cognitive pitfalls contribute to radiological error with the use of eye-tracking and how we can improve training interventions (human and machine) to mitigate radiological error in practice. 

Area of expertise

Cognitive neuroscience

Sensorimotor simulation
Visual perception
Perceptual learning
Visual search
Effects of expertise on visual cognition


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