Dr Kwok Chun

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About me

Changing earth systems affects various aspects of our daily lives. Understanding constituting components and processes of our physical environments is valuable for us to prepare forthcoming challenges and create a better world. My research interests are in nonstationary environmental processes related to the atmosphere; hydrosphere; and biosphere. I develop tools and numerical models for analysing our dynamic systems and projecting possible changes. As the future behaviours of our environment are uncertain under anthropogenic influence; my current research is related to qualify and quantify risks; extremes and irreversible shifts in the UK and other parts of the world.
I hope that I can talk with you about water and environment.

Area of expertise

Climatology and Hydrology are my main research areas.
I am exploring convection-permitting model (CPM) outputs at South America with researchers from the US National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Working with the University of Rouen and Istanbul Technical University, I develop mesoscale models to look at how to use blue and green infrastructure to promote thermal comforts and mitigate hydrological hazards.  


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