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Changing earth systems affects various aspects of our daily lives. Understanding constituting components and processes of our physical environments is valuable for us to prepare forthcoming challenges and create a better world. My research interests are in nonstationary environmental processes related to the atmosphere; hydrosphere; and biosphere. I develop tools and numerical models for analysing our dynamic systems and projecting possible changes. As the future behaviours of our environment are uncertain under anthropogenic influence; my current research is related to qualify and quantify risks; extremes and irreversible shifts in the UK and other parts of the world.
I hope that I can talk with you about water and environment.


Vice Chancellor's Challenge Fund (CF) Awardee (2023-2025), "VIS-Studio: An Immersive Reality and AI solution for data visualisation to support collaborative decision-making for extreme weather and disaster scenarios"

Vice Chancellor's Accelerator Programme Awardee (2022‐2024), "Convection-permitting models for environmental management in urban and green & blue spaces"

CATE College Building Research Fund Awardee (2022-2023), "Downstream UK pilot: Bringing local knowledges into decision-making in water security through participatory Forum Theatre methods"

CATE College Building Research Fund Awardee (2022-2023), "ENERGISE West - Enabling Networks for Energy Research and Generation via Informal Social Exchange in the West of England"

Area of expertise

Climatology and Hydrology are my main research areas.
I am exploring convection-permitting model (CPM) outputs at South America with researchers from the US National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Working with the University of Rouen and Istanbul Technical University, I develop mesoscale models to look at how to use blue and green infrastructure to promote thermal comforts and mitigate hydrological hazards.  

Currently, I am working on a Royal Society project on "Spatiotemporal Variation Characteristics Of Compound Dry And Hot Events And Their Impacts On Vegetation Growth Across The Mid-latitudes Of Eurasia".

I am a member of the CORDEX WRF community, which is in a part of the WCRP Flagship Pilot Study URB-RCC. In the study, I investigate the interaction between urban land use and extreme hydroclimate events.

I lead the Theme C (compound risks) work group for the UNESCO EURO FRIEND-Water Project-3 on Large Scale Variations in Hydrological Characteristics. For this work group in 2023-2024, we aim to co-produce a perspective paper on compound risks based on scaling relationships for hydroclimate. If you would like to contribute, please drop me an email. 


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