Dr Lindsey Gillies

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  • Qualifications:B.Ed (Hons), PhD, MBCS, FHEA
  • Position:Associate Director- Computer Science
  • Department:FET - Computer Science and Creative Technologies
  • Telephone:+4411732 83940
  • Email:Lindsey.Gillies@uwe.ac.uk

About me

In November 2015 I was appointed Associate Head (Computer Science),  In May 2012 I took up the post of senior lecturer and programme leader for the BSc(Hons) Forensic Computing and Security course.
Prior to this I worked for 5 years as a Digital Forensics Specialist for a company in London, where I was involved in the forensic examination of various criminal cases including child abuse, rape, harassment, fraud, murder, drugs, theft and forgery.
I have been involved in digital forensics since 2001; I led the development of the first European post-graduate course in forensic computing at Cranfield University and was a founder member of the Centre for Forensic Computing.  In 2002 I was appointed academic leader of the Forensic Computing programme at Cranfield University and lectured on this programme from its start in March 2002 until 2007, supervising both MSc and PhD students. 
I started my career in 1986 teaching Mathematics at Pates Grammar School in Cheltenham.  In 1988, I was sponsored by the Civil Aviation Authority to research the use of mathematics in specifying the software requirements for air traffic control systems, concentrating upon the formal specification of the software requirements for a short-term conflict alert system for the London Air Traffic Control system.
I successfully gained my doctorate from The Royal Military College of Science (Cranfield Institute of Technology) in 1993, and accepted a position on the academic staff at the Institute.  This role led to research and lecturing interests in the fields of software engineering, requirements engineering and emerging technologies. 

Area of expertise

Digital Forensics


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