Dr Luisa Corna

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  • Qualifications:PhD, MA, BA (hons)
  • Position:Lecturer in Visual Culture
  • Department:Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries, and Education (ACE)
  • Telephone:+44117 965 6261
  • Email:Luisa.Corna@uwe.ac.uk

Area of expertise

My research interests lie at the intersection of politics, art, and architectural theory. Since obtaining my Ph.D., my scholarly publications have focused on three primary areas: Marxism and theories of the city, with a particular emphasis on the post-war Italian context; art and architectural historiographies; and the impact of feminist epistemologies on the histories and theories of art.

My work has been featured in journals such as the Oxford Art Journal, Selva, Philosophy of Photography Journal, Parallax, Historical Materialism, and Radical Philosophy.

I collaborated with Jamila Mascat on curating and translating the inaugural anthology of Carla Lonzi's writings, titled "Feminism in Revolt," published by Seagull Books in 2023. Currently, I am in the final stages of editing a book on architect Giancarlo De Carlo's pedagogical writings for MIT Press, scheduled for release in 2024. Simultaneously, I am working on my first monograph, tentatively titled "Fugitive Lives," which explores the theme of departing the art/architectural world from the perspective of a critic.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I am a regular contributor to Art Monthly. Engaging in criticism compels me to remain receptive to the evolving processes that shape the art world, and stay in proximity to the artists.

Recent and upcoming publications:

L. L. Corna, 'The Architect Beyond Himself: Architecture and Consciousness Raising in Marta Lonzi' in L. Corna, M. Crinson, Struggle in the Concrete (Basel: Birkhäuser, upcoming)

L. L. Corna, 'Against the Canon: The Unresolved Dispute between Carla Lonzi and Giulio Carlo Argan', Oxford Art Journal, upcoming, spring 2024

L. L Corna, 'Letter from Tehran', Art Monthly 471, November 2023

L. L. Corna, J. Mascat (Eds.), Feminism in Revolt. An Anthology of Carla Lonzi's Writings (Calcutta: Seagull Books, 2023)

L.L. Corna, A. Iles, M. Vishmidt, 'How Things Continue' in A., Burtscher, D. Lupo, AS IF - A Lungomare Reader. Dialogues about Sheep, Black Holes, and Movement (Liepzig: Spector Books, 2023)





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