Mr Luke Child

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  • Qualifications:MSc; BSc (Hons)
  • Position:Associate Lecturer in Music Technology
  • Department:FET - Computer Science and Creative Technologies
  • Telephone:+44117 965 6261
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About me

I am a researcher in audio perception and accessibility studies with a specific interest in reverberation, 3D audio and game audio. You will often find me making weird and wonderful music, drinking coffee or enthusiastically clapping in especially reverberant spaces. 

Area of expertise

I primarily work in audio perception, with a focus on elicitation methodologies, perceptual audio evaluation and spatial audio. I've more recently become involved in applying these processes to designing and evaluating accessible audio, particularly in interactive media. I also am active as a musician, creating experiemental music rooted in jazz, trip hop and progressive/math-inclined genres. 


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