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Dr Mahdi Damghani obtained his BSC in civil engineering from IUST in 2004.  He attained a MSC in structural engineering from KNT University in 2006, followed by PhD in 2009 from Cardiff university in the analysis of buckling of delaminated composite plates. Mahdi had been a senior stress engineer with various industrial leaders before joining academia. As such, he has acrued a wealth of practical and theoretical experience within the field of composite, metallic analysis, design and optimisation in aerospace and structural applications with both academic and industrial leaders. Amongst the academic leaders are Cardiff University, Queen's University Belfast and Swansea university whereas the industrial companies include Bombardier aerospace, Atkins aerospace, Airbus, Cobham, Rolls-Royce and GE.

Area of expertise

Finite Element Modelling (FEM) of Composite/Metallic structures,  Analytical/Numerical Structural Analysis, Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM), Impact Analysis of Structures, Fatigue Analysis, Structural Optimisation


1- Design, Analysis, Optimisation and 3D Printing Manufacture of Shape Changing Bio-composites (UWE Challenge Fund 2022-2023)
A. Bolouri, N. Karim, M. Damghani, M. O'Donnell 

2- Experimental Study of Repair of Highly Loaded Composite Structures (UWE internal funding)
M. Damghani, G. Atkinson 

3- Design/Analysis and Optimisation of Composite Structures (Royal Academy of Engineering)
M. Damghani, C. Harrison

4- Tensile Residual Strength of Hybrid CFRP-GFRP Composite Structures After Low Velocity Impact (UWE Vice Chancellor Grant)
M. Damghani

5- Exploitinig Aeroelastic Deflections for Improved Aircraft Performance (EPSRC institutional sponsorship)
M. C. Kim, J. E. Cooper, A. Rhead, H. Khodaparast, M. Damghani, O. A. Stodieck


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