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I am an integrative counselling psychologist with clinical experience in both public and private sectors. Coming from a background in business and marketing, I have studied the psychology of persuasion and subsequently persuaded myself to shift towards counselling and psychotherapy where my passion has always lived. As part of the core lecturing team for UWE's MA in counselling and psychotherapy, I have been training aspiring psychotherapists towards a relational model of clinical work that integrates the philosophical foundations of Psychodynamic, Person-Centered, and Gestalt models of therapy, while putting the phenomenology and intersubjectivity of the therapeutic relationship at the very center of the practitioner's ethos.

Outside my lecturing role, I work as a counselling psychologist in private practice, drawing from the Jungian, Gestalt, Existential, and Cognitive-Behavioural schools of therapy. I am a founding member of the Counselling Organisation "Reframe" that aims to provide access to therapy for under-represented populations, and a long-standing member of the SWAN Project, a Bristol-based charity whose mission is to provide affordable, long-term therapy for individuals that grapple with alcohol and substance dependence.

Area of expertise

My doctoral thesis was on the value of long-term therapy for alcohol dependence, and I am interested in exploring further people's experiences of tensions and synergies between psychotherapy and 12-step fellowships. I am interested in the experience of being "othered" and how that is portrayed in film and literature, predominantly in horror fiction.

I have been increasingly drawn to autoethnography as a uniquely creative method of qualitative research and currently supervise autoethnography research in both graduate and post-graduate projects. I consider such research as being particularly transformative for counselling trainees, by promoting a deeper insight into lived experience, and through that a more nuanced understanding of the social context within which one's experience is being formed.


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