Mr Marc Andernach

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  • Qualifications:MATD (Faculty for Design, Pforzheim, Germany)
  • Position:Programme Leader Product Design / Senior Lecturer in Product Design
  • Department:FET - Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Telephone:+4411732 83194

About me

Marc graduated from the HFG Pforzhein (Germany) as a Transportation/Industrial Designer in 2009. His final project was funded by Kia Motors Design. Followed by an MA in Transportation Design at the HFG PF in 2012. 

Marc started working as a freelance designer parallel to his Master studies mainly working for market research and supplier companies in the automotive industry. In 2011 he decided to pause his Master studies to work on a 6 month research project with the Institute for Computational Design (ICD) in Suttgart and Mercedes Benz Advanced Design Studio. Marc was the lead designer on this research project. After his MA he accepted a permanent position at Jaguar Land Rover Strategic Design Studio, UK. After the department was discontinued, Marc worked within the Land Rover Interior Design department as an advanced designer on the initial design DNA and concepts (components & service design) of the coming production vehicles. He worked, among other things, on the Range Rover Velar (L560) and Range Rover 2022 (L460) production vehicle. Furthermore he collaborated with various internal departments regarding autonomous transportation and innovative HMI concepts. 
After three exciting years at JLR he decided to expand his interest in design and moved to Bristol. While working as a design consultant from Bristol he held regularly guest lectures at UWE and eventually joined the University for a full time position in 2018. 

Marc is currently Module Leader / Lecturer on following modules: 

- Design Futures (ML)
- Aesthetics and Product Language (ML) 
- Studio Modules (Level 1-3)
- Design Communications (Foundation & UG) 
- Design Research Methods (Level 3) 
- Individual Project (Level 3)
- Graphic Design (ML)

Marc is a Fellow of Higher Education (FHEA).

Area of expertise

Transportation Design / Automotive Design, Industrial Design, Strategy Design / Advanced Design / Concept Art, Graphics Design, Market Research / Branding,  Design Thinking, Lecturing, Mentoring


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