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For the past 20 years I have been illustrating under the name Marian Hill​, producing images for a wide range of publishing and editorial clients. My work has appeared on book jackets, in numerous ​magazines, on greetings cards and postage stamps.

Clients have included: Random House, Faber and Faber, Simon and Schuster, Macmillan Publishing, Waitrose, Gardens Illustrated, Country Living, BBC Homes and Antiques, Royal Mail and the Guardian.

In recent years I have begun generating more personal work, selling original artwork through galleries, whilst also working on personally driven illustration projects. My latest obsession with beetles and local ecology has evolved into a project called Buzz & Scuttle which is developing right now…

My entomology project Buzz & Scuttle was inspired by a UWE Illustration department location drawing day at the Natural History Museum London. A small group of 3rd year Illustration students were invited behind the scenes at the museum to see the vital work being carried out by @nhm_digitise . Idle curiosity has turned into somewhat obsessional research & so far I have collaged over 50 UK beetles & begun working with local ecology groups to design ecology & entomology teaching material for children. Due to lockdown community bug hunts & collage workshops have been put on hold, but the project is still developing at pace online and you can follow my progress on twitter @hill_marian . I also have a more general Instagram account: @marian.hill and a website:

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Drawing and collage


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