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  • Qualifications:LL.B (Aberystwyth), LL.M (Aberystwyth), PhD (Aberystwyth), PGCTHE FHEA (UWE)
  • Position:Associate Professor in Organised Crime
  • Department:Faculty of Business and Law (FBL) FBL - Law
  • Telephone:+4411732 87807
  • Email:Mary.Young@uwe.ac.uk

About me

"A talented young researcher who is undertaking research of considerable theoretical, empirical and practical significance" (Professor Ben Bowling 2021); "the only one left who understands the importance of history to understanding current events. A vanishing skill in a world focused only on the news of the last 5 minutes!" (Professor Jay Albanese 2021).

2023-24 BA/Leverhulme SRG award holder

2022-23 AHRC UWE Impact Acceleration award holder

OUT NOW: M Young and A Phillips, (2022) Challenges in Policing Financial Crime

Expert Consultant (Caribbean) for the 2021 GITOC Index on Organized Crime*

Outstanding Reviewer Emerald Literati Award Winner 2022 and 2021

I am a recognised expert on the formation of international criminal laws to undermine organized and financial crime. My PhD analysed the dichotomy between confiscation and confidentiality laws in tackling financial crime. My thesis is a best-selling, paper-back monograph. Passionate about collecting primary data in the field, I am adept at conducting and interpreting discrete interviews with high-level law enforcement officers at the national, regional and international planes. Empirical research enables me to analyse the reality of international crime control policies, transposed at the national level. With reference to historical works, field data helps us make sense of how organized crime shapes society and policy. I am available to supervise MPhils and PhDs on organized and financial crime.

I live in the rural Westcountry with my sons and a mountain biker. You won't find me on a social network; but will find me sitting in a tea shop. Dislikes: Wealth inequality, mayonnaise. Likes: Gardening, pea fritters, Father Brown. I have had epilepsy since childhood and support freedom from discriminationPronouns: She/her. 

mary.young@uwe.ac.uk CV available on request.

Area of expertise

In 2009 I undertook a placement with the Crime Expert at the UNODC Lao PDR field office, and have previously attended the UNTOC CoP, Vienna. In 2015 & 2017 I was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Cambridge Lauterpacht Centre for International Law (LCIL). I have previously delivered research to bodies including Parliamentary Committees, Western Union, regional and national law enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Justice in Jamaica, and the UNODC in Lao PDR. I have been an expert discussant at numerous NGO closed meetings, on shell companies, drugs and firearms trafficking, financial crime and strategic tax litigation. 

• Media Contributions: (CIPER (South America); Byline Times; Pravda; New York Times; Talk Media; Bristol Cable; BBC Radio Wiltshire; Latin Lawyer; Deutsche Welle; Financial Times; Tax Justice Network; Dods Parliamentary Communications; LA Times; Wall Street Journal, Jane's Intelligence; Tax Justice Network.

• Editor/Reviewer: The Journal of Money Laundering Control; The Journal of Financial Crime; European Review of Organised Crime; Oxford University Press; European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research; Springer Publishing; Company Lawyer; Tax Justice Focus; Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation; Trends in Organized Crime.

• Knowledge Exchange: Tax Justice Network; Royal United Services Institute; International Association for the Study of Organized Crime; Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime; United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (Lao PDR, 2009); Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs; Metropolitan Police Service; Jamaica Constabulary Force & Ministry of National Security; Regional Organised Crime Units; Independent consultancy bodies.

• Events: Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime; Tax Justice Network; UWE Interdisciplinary Symposium on Organized Crime; Socio-Legal Studies Association; ECPR Standing Group on Organised Crime; Open Society; Amnesty International.

• Range: International criminal law and national policies; Caribbean; financial secrecy jurisdictions; Global South; organized crime – corruption, trafficking (firearms/wildlife/drugs); money laundering; alternative banking systems.

• Mentors: Professor Barry Rider (Jesus, Cambridge); Professor Ben Bowling (King's College London); Professor Jay Albanese (Virginia Commonwealth University, US); Dr Mike Woodiwiss (UWE).



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