Dr Mehdi Taheri

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  • Qualifications:PhD, MSc, BSc
  • Position:Research Associate in Geomorphology
  • Department:College of Arts, Technology and Environment
  • Telephone:+44117 965 6261
  • Email:Mehdi.Taheri@uwe.ac.uk
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About me

Mehdi, currently a Research Associate in Geomorphology at the College of Arts, Technology, and Environment within the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol, is deeply engaged in the “Partnership for Heritage: Safeguarding Traditional Architecture and Intangible heritage of Tataouine (Tunisia) and the Nafusa mountains (Libya)” project. His primary objective is to reconstruct the past climate changes within these regions by utilizing multiproxy analyses.
Mehdi's educational journey has been punctuated by a comprehensive exploration of soil science (pedology), encompassing BSc, MSc, and PhD. His earlier research endeavors were concentrated on the paleomagnetic and palaeoenvironmental studies of the Quaternary era, particularly through the analysis of Loess-paleosol sequences. To conduct these studies, Mehdi employed a range of methodologies, including paleomagnetic techniques, micromorphology, clay mineralogy, geochemistry, and the examination of stable isotope compositions in pedogenic carbonates and soil organic matter.
Furthermore, Mehdi has harnessed the power of remote sensing and GIS to create erosion maps and estimate sedimentation rates, a facet prominently showcased in his master's thesis. Consequently, Mehdi's keen interest in these advanced techniques underscores his versatile approach to his field of study.

Area of expertise

Past climate Change, Loess-Paleosols, Pedology, Geochemistry, GIS


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