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  • Qualifications:FHEA, AIA, PhD, MArch, MSc., BSc
  • Position:Senior Lecturer - Computational Architecture
  • Department:FET - Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Telephone:+4411732 87158
  • Email:Merate.Barakat@uwe.ac.uk
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About me

Academic Role: Founder & Programme Leader of MSc in Computational architecture.

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  • Member: UK Acoustic Network (UKAN+)
  • Core Member: Centre of Architecture and Built Environment Research (CABER)
  • Data Fellow: South West Creative Technology (SWCTN)
  • Fellow: UK - The Higher Education Academy (HEA)
  • Architect Member: The American Institute of Architects (AIA) 
  • Member: Architectural Association (AA)
  • Architectural Engineer: Egyptian Engineering Syndicate

Dr Barakat continues to be at the cutting edge of the field, developing design-decision-aiding tools codifying and embedding qualitative concepts in the flow of computational systems, including sound perception and ecological impact, social response to stimulus, spatial habitation, and the designers' intuition. Merate's investigations began before the inception field of computational design during her MSc in Computer Science in (2002/3). She continued to work at the forefront of the area by codifying and integrating qualitative data into a decision-aiding tool informed by soundscape and psychoacoustics concepts to generate sonic urban morphological patterns during her PhD (2016) from the AA School in London.

Merate has established her leadership in state-of-the-art computational architecture research to integrate social and perceptual factors in computational models to find innovative solutions to complex interconnected and multiscalar problems (DIGITAL FUTURES). Integrating ever-evolving technologies such as immersive technologies, digital fabrication and rapid prototyping (CREATIVE INDUSTRIES) through interdisciplinary projects, public events, and high-quality publications, she has a growing research record of significant impact. Her investigation focuses on preserving the cultural and historical importance of communities fortifying social cohesion and the well-being of Citizens (HEALTH AND WELL-BEING), and considering the reciprocal effect of the built environment within a climatic and biological metasystem (CLIMATE CHANGE RESILIENCE).

Her continued work at the forefront of the field enabled Merate to introduce Computational Design into the curriculum at the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Utah (2013/14). Since joining UWE, Dr Barakat has become the principal lead in computational methods integrating the innovative design processes into many UG and PG Programmes at SoAE. Her efforts culminated in conceiving and establishing the MSc in Computational Architecture, a unique programme that integrates quantitative data through critical thinking into computational methods.

Area of expertise


Collab. BSU & RWCMD, investigating the sci-art creative collaboration between sound artists, biology scientists, digital technologies, and non-human life 

Hat'hoor Computational Tool 
PhD (16), SWCTN Data Fellowship (20/21), FET Student Summer Internship Funding (21), CABER Awards (21/22) Developer. A MABs algorithm informed by psychoacoustics concepts to generate soundscape patterns 

Resonant Ecologies 
SWCTN Data Fellowship (20/21) 
CoFounder. SWCTN Legacy group generative discourse space about the ecological aspect of sound and its effect on biodiversity and the climate 

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) 
Royal Institute of Philosophy (19), FET Linking T&L (19/20) 
Artist & PI. Spatial sound installations act as an ecosystem of MABs processors working to create an immersive experience. Sound, Space, Sensation | AmI Installation 

GLOW: Energy-Nested BioSystem Flows EPSRC fund (20) 
Co-I. I lead the computationally focused work package that delivers a decision-making algorithm that codifies HEM qualitative data and integrates bio-logical to encourage community-led optimised energy use. 

Embedded Intelligent Empathy 
CEii – EPSRC fund (20) 
Co-I & Developer. Investigates the relationship between the designer and machine within the design process, NLP tool pilot, Empathy Sounding Board

ImmerSiA VC IRFC (19) 
PI creating immersive 360 audiovisual architectural site analysis documents with an enhanced 3D audio soundtrack 

Developer. Digital tutoring tool mediated by teachings of the Vkhutemas School of Architecture 


Multidisciplinary Teaching
Open Pedagogy
Quantitative Methods Boot Camp (QMBC)
Compassion Pedagogy (Barakat, Branch & Ritchie 2022)
Horizontal Teaching


Architectural projects PMA - Full list 
06 | Michigan Avenue Residence AIA Award 
08 | East Canyon Residence AIA Award 
08 | Weber County Library LEED Gold Certified


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