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About me

I am a Senior Lecturer in Digital Media in the Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies at the University of the West of England (UWE). I am the programme leader for the BSc Digital Media, but also teach various modules on UWE's Music Technology undergraduate programmes.

My teaching specialisms and research interests span across play and interaction, the Internet of Things, sonification, generative art and music, as well as installation art.

I enjoy supervising unconventional and artistic projects that interlink sound, performance and space.

Previous works with a focus on generative processes encompass Excitations ,The Breath of the Moon and Sonic Severn.

Area of expertise

My preferred approach to research is to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams. My own specialities are sonification (the making-audible of internal processes), physical (sensor-based) computing, as well as site-related composition. I also enjoy taking part in science communication and qualitative research projects, and am part of the Creative Technologies Lab at UWE. My main field of enquiry are play and interaction, complex generative processes in art and music, and emergence. I am a member of ICMA, the International Computer Music Association and a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA).


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