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I am a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy in the Department of Social Sciences at UWE. My main work resides at the intersection of philosophy, sound art, science & technology. I respond to the technoscientific and social conditions around the notions of control, uncertainty and information theory, about how noise brings into crisis the division between activity and passivity, between knowing and feeling. I research the problems of the metascientific and ideological foundations of diverse projects of prediction and control of uncertainty. From algorithmic surveillance back to cybernetics and how these render noise “informationally heretical”. 

At UWE, currently I teach Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science and Nature, Ancient Philosophy, The Death of God and the Meaning of Life and Film and Philosophy in the BA (Hons) Philosophy programme. 

I am one of the founders of Thought in Action – a partnership between UWE Philosophy and Politics & IR, Watershed, and MUBI.

Area of expertise

Information Theory, Cybernetics, Noise, Systems Theory, Computational Culture, Complexity Theory, Comtemporary Art, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science.


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