Mr Mike Devereux

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  • Qualifications:BA(Hons) MCD FRGS MRTPI
  • Position:Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader Architecture & Planning
  • Department:FET - Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Telephone:+4411732 83208

About me

I am Programme Leader of Architecture & Planning and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Planning and Architecture at the University of the West of England, Bristol where I specialise in design and particularly in how the design of place is influenced by traditions, cultures and ideas. My research and publications draw upon narratives of nationality, identity and belonging.
My present research takes me to borderlands, to places where different cultures come up against each other. I try to understand where I can find the real borders, not simply the selected and often artificial borders we see on maps and I explore the subtle and changing architectures of place. My method of research is experiential and uses photography and imaging to better understand place.

Area of expertise

Identity, cultures and place

Design through history

The architecture of the border

Design in the urban context


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