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I obtained my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Data Science, establishing a robust background in both fields. Currently, I am a lecturer in engineering technologies within the Department of Engineering Design and Mathematics at the University of the West of England.

My primary research area focuses on advanced intelligent systems through the integration of cutting-edge techniques in computer vision and machine/deep learning. I take pride in my substantial contributions to the field, showcasing expertise in developing and implementing complex algorithms and models. Notably, I have led the development of an AI-powered live video processing platform for real-time object tracking, detection, and video inpainting. My focus extends to extracting valuable insights from intricate datasets, including the generation of 3D big data models. Proficient in both supervised and unsupervised learning, I also specialize in designing robust neural networks for image processing. I remain steadfast in my commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation in these domains.

In addition to my work in intelligent systems, my recent research ventures into the realm of biocompatible nano/micro materials with applications in the medical field. My comprehensive studies involve the analysis and testing of potential Redistributed Manufacturing (RDM)-led prototypes. Specifically, I address the challenges of dressing complex and chronic wounds using micro/nano fibres at UWE (2022-2023). Furthermore, my expertise extends to the deployment of additive manufacturing (3D/4D printing) technologies in healthcare, including groundbreaking work in areas such as prosthetic sockets and soft hands for smart actuation and sensing in robotic prosthetic hands.

I am enthusiastic about fostering collaborations and exploring opportunities in the expansive field of AI, data engineering, as well as intelligent systems and biomedical engineering design. My vision is to leverage technology for a meaningful impact and contribute to the growth of these interdisciplinary fields. If you are interested in exciting possibilities at the intersection of AI and engineering, please don't hesitate to connect with me. I am always open to engaging discussions and collaborative ventures.

Area of expertise

Finite Element Analysis (FEA); Computer-Aided Design (CAD); Redistributed Manufacturing in Healthcare; Advanced Manufacturing; Bioengineering; AI-driven solutions; Deep Learning Frameworks; Machine Learning Techniques; Designing Robust Neural Networks for Image Processing, 3D Model Generating, Image/Video Inpainting, Object Detection; Data Visualization Platforms; Statistical Inference; SQL & NoSQL Databases; Big Data and Analytics Framework; Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems.


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