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I am a Research Fellow in Transport Analysis at the Centre for Transport and Society. 

I hold a Ph.D. (2015, Uni. of Hong Kong), an MS in GIS (2009, NUST Islamabad), and a bachelor's in City and Regional Planning (2004, UET Lahore). I am a Fellow and Chartered Geographer (CGeog (GIS)) of the Royal Geographical Society, UK.

I am a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Transport Studies, University of Leeds - where I worked as a full-time Research Fellow during the year 2019-2020 - to research suitable pathways to net zero emissions in the UK's transport sector.

Earlier, I worked as a researcher at LSE Cities, London School of Economics (2015-2019), where I helped examine the spatial and temporal patterns of urban expansion and transport mobility across multiple cities in Asia and Africa.

Besides that, I have worked as a professional urban planner for many years in Pakistan. 

My doctoral research explored the gendered nature of transportation disadvantage and activity participation through time-use diaries and questionnaire surveys. The work won 02 international research awards, 'Best conference paper in Transport Policy' (Women Issues in Transport Conference, 2014, Paris) and "Best Ph.D. dissertation on urban mobility in developing countries" (CODATU Dissertation Prize, 2015, Paris).

Research Focus:

My research aims to understand, 

a) the changing patterns of personal car use and flying behavior and their environmental impacts

b) Social and cultural determinants of active mobility and public transport use across gender and ethnicities

c) The impact of population growth and mega-projects on accessibility and mobility in the global south

Ongoing Research:

At the Centre, I am involved in different projects on sustainable travel behavior change, automated vehicles, bus service reliability, and improving transport for young people in the UK. I support these projects with cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses of various transport datasets. Other ongoing projects outside CTS include: 

Completed Research:

Area of expertise

Statistical data analysis; 

Travel behavior modeling; 
Travel emission profiling; 
Spatial planning; 
GIS analysis; 


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