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Norman Ratcliffe has worked for a range of companies in the Electronics, Aerospace and Nuclear industries as well as in the agri-food and medical diagnostics areas with over 170 refereed publications, reviewed industrial reports and patents. Norman has specialised in the gas/volatile analysis area for over 20 years particularly for the agri-food and medical industry involving the world’s first automated electronic nose system for quality control of ham and the first VOC quality control system for monitoring stored vegetable produce. Medical areas particularly include the rapid diagnosis of gastro-intestinal conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, infectious diseases of the gut eg hospital acquired infections and diseases of the urinary tract particularly infections, prostate and bladder cancer, using electronic nose technology and GCMS for analysing breath, stool, saliva and urine.
Research in the non-gas analysis areas includes conducting polymer syntheses, patented work on the synthesis of nano-magnetic particles for environmental clean-up, particularly radioactive contamination and jet fuel additives to improve aeroplane safety.
Previously Norman undertook post-doctoral research at Imperial College on the synthesis of novel insect anti-feedants (1981-82) and at Bristol University in collaboration with the Royal Signals Research Establishment on molecular electronics projects (1983-86). This was followed by work as  senior scientist at Sowerby Research Centre, British Aerospace (1986-90) and then senior lecturer at the University of  West of England, becoming  professor in 2003 and Research Centre Director in 2006.

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