Nzar Naqeshbandi

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I am an architect and computational designer, specialising in advanced design methods, digital fabrication, and additive manufacturing. I earned my MSc from the University of Jordan, focusing on the development of building envelope systems to enhance their climate responsiveness, therefore improving thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Following this, I conducted Open Thesis Fabrication research at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, where I developed a sustainable and structurally stable construction system through robotic additive manufacturing using Earth-based materials. I have also gained experience as an Architect and Designer in Jordan, Netherlands, and Portugal. My PhD research, funded by the School of Architecture and Built Environment at UWE, investigates façade additive manufacturing using algorithmic methods and sustainable materials. The goal is to develop new panel prototypes for lightweight, passive, and durable façade systems.

Area of expertise

Architecture Design & Sustainability, Building Envelope Optimization, 3D Printing Architecture  


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