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About me

My research background is in biogeochemistry and utilising organic geochemical techniques to characterise and quantify  C cycling, metabolic pathways and trace gas exchange. ​

My main research focus has been the mechanistic study of methane cycling in terrestrial settings through the combination of stable isotope probing (SIP) and molecular characterisation techniques to delineate discrete processes in complex systems. ​

Area of expertise

I study methane dynamics in terrestrial ecosystems including soils and peatlands, with a particular emphasis on the soil methane sink. 

Soil Microbial Ecology: 
I work on methods to elucidate specific microbial functions and processes that play a major role in nutrient cycling within complex soil food webs.

Stable Isotope Geochemistry: 
My work focuses on the development of novel analytical techniques to study stable isotope signatures in both the natural environment and laboratory microcosms. My two main areas of focus are:

1. Mass Spectrometry. The Application of new isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) methods for studying soil-atmosphere trace gas exchange and the metabolic cycling of nutrients in soils.

2. Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS). The testing of new methodologies for high resolution studies of soil greenhouse gas exchange. 


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