Mr Philip Bowden

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  • Position:Senior Technical Instructor
  • Department:ACE - Creative and Cultural Industries
  • Telephone:+4411732 84025

About me

Phil originally trained in typography and graphic design, and worked as a freelance and in-house designer for several years before returning to college and studying Fine Art as a mature student. While studying he was drawn to various Printmaking processes, particularly Lithography, which he found very satisfying. Over the following years he has developed a high level of expertise in various Lithographic printing processes. He makes work and exhibits whenever he has the time.


Phil is Senior Technical Instructor for Lithography in the Printmaking studios at Bower Ashton. 

Area of expertise

Phil's areas of expertise are;

 Stone Lithography. Hand-drawn and photographic aluminium plate Lithography.

 My working pattern is Monday-Thursday. On Fridays students will be in the capable hands of Jemma Gunning.

 If you would like to book an appointment with this member of staff please make an appointment with the Student Project Coordinator

Tel: 07989449169 or email

The Coordinator will book an initial consultation where you can explore your initial ideas. From this meeting you will be booked into training sessions specifically for your projects needs, developing your skill so you can become a pro!


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