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  • Position:Director of Learning & Teaching - School of Arts
  • Department:Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries, and Education (ACE)
  • Telephone:+4411732 84847

About me

Rachael Miles is the Director for Learning & Teaching in The School of Arts.

As a practicing artist Rachael has exhibited her work widely in the UK. Exhibitions include the John Moores Painting Prize 22, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. The New Statesman review of the John Moores show can be found here:

Current work includes a series of performances 'The Depravation Indices: Taking stock of the FTSE'. In these performances, the 100 logos and brand identities of the UK's top 100 FTSE index companies are conveyed through a rapid fire game of word association. What emerges is the story of how these companies (Vodafone, United Utilities, Dorothy Perkins, Shell, etc.) have become entwined within the economic and social fabric of everyday life, what is offered is an interpretation of the impacts on a community.

Rachael has gone on to produce a number of events hosted by the Arnolfini and aimed at a multigenerational Queer audience. These events bring together talks, performance and entertainment and create a space for generating dialogue within the Queer community.

Rachael and Tom Marshman's performance work Deuce was shown at the Arnolfini on 4th June 2018 as part of an event that included a talk by Jack Halberstam Trans: a quick and quirky guide to gender variability:

Deuce explores the 30th anniversary of the introduction of Section 28, the infamous legislation that banned local authorities from 'promoting' homosexuality and had a profoundly damaging effect on the ability to be visible as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) person without fear of, or actual, reprisal. Growing up in the grip of clause 28 Tom and Rachael took their role models where they could find them, from Martina Navratilova, The Fall Guy, Princess Leigh to Cindy and KD Lang. Deuce explores female masculinities and male femininities using pop cultural references to unpick historical representations of gender non-conformity and reinsert/instate them (and their relevance) into contemporary 'queer' discourse.

The follow up performance Deuce 2 was performed at the Arnolfini on 29th April 2022 as part of an event that included a talk Beyond the Buzzwords by Del LaGrace Volcano 


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