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Rachael Miles is an artist, senior lecturer in Visual Culture and currently acting AHoD for Foundation, International and EDI

Rachael has exhibited her work widely in the UK. Exhibitions include ROW: The Riposte at Arena Gallery in Liverpool, as part of the Independent Strand of the Liverpool Biennial 2004 and the Johnmoores 22 Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. The New Statesman review of the John Moores show can be found here:

Current work includes a series of performances 'The Depravation Indices: Taking stock of the FTSE'. In these performances, the 100 logos and brand identities of the UK's top 100 FTSE index companies are conveyed through a rapid fire game of word association from which a narrative (of sorts) emerges. What is revealed is the story of how these companies (Vodafone, United Utilities, Dorothy Perkins, Shell, etc.) have become entwined within the fabric of everyday life, and what is offered is an interpretation of their impacts on a community.​​

In September 2017, in Collaboration with Tom Marshman and Beacons, Icons and Dykons, Rachael presented developmental work at Camden Peoples Theatre's "Come as you are festival". The work "Middle Aged Ambition" explores notions of unfulfilled (and unrealised) fantastical ideas about the future and asks what happens to these ambitions as you reach middle age. Rachael's dream is to become a stuntwoman and Tom wants to support her in this quest.

During the works development some very interesting tensions arose between the promise of a grand stunt and more mundane stories of frustration, thwarted dreams and triumph in the face of adversity. We explore our gendered identities in amongst the new climate of transgender politics. Inspiration for this exploration comes from reference to Judith (Jack) Halberstams writings on the Transgender Butch (Halberstam 1998) and The Queer Art of Failure (Halberstam 2011). 

Camden Peoples Theatre: come as you are 2017-12-01 ​

Beacons, Icons and Dykons:​

Panel memebr: Angora Nights. A 'Museum Night' Special, featuring a rare screening of Tim Burtons seminal film Ed Wood, including performances, discussions and after party​

The latest performance work can be see at the Arnolfini on 4th June 2018:​


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