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What is Student Experience Coaching?
  • It asks reflective, motivation-based questions, providing opportunities for formal self-assessment, sharing effective strategies, and co-creating a tangible plan
  • The coaching process offers students an opportunity to identify their strengths, actively practice new skills, and effectively navigate appropriate resources. This process ultimately results in skill development, performance improvement, and increased perseverance
  • Coaching is a thought-provoking creative process that inspires students to maximise their personal and professional potential. It recognises the action of the student, and focuses on setting goals, creating outcomes, and managing personal change

I can support students to:

- Identify what they most need at the moment, and finding the appropriate steps to get there.
- Identify their academic and personal strengths, and support them in overcoming potential obstacles.
- Set goals and create a personal plan of action for achieving them.
- Review their progress and motivate them to achieve their goals
- Feel prepared and ready for the future.


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