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  • Qualifications:PhD, MBA (Open), MEd (Cantab.), BA (Cantab.), PGCAPP, FHEA, FRSA
  • Position:Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies (Leadership & Change)
  • Department:Faculty of Business and Law (FBL)
  • Telephone:+4411732 87388
  • Email:Richard.Longman@uwe.ac.uk
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About me

Questions about organising — and, specifically, alternative organising — are at the heart of my research and inspire my teaching as well as my practice. I joined the University of the West of England in 2019, and have a range of responsibilities across undergraduate, postgraduate, executive, and doctoral programmes. I have specific leadership responsibilities for a final year undergraduate module in Managing Organisational Change, and the Strategic Leaders Programme (an Executive Education course dual accredited by UWE Bristol in work-based learning and the Institute of Leadership and Management). I co-teach a module on PhD and DBA programmes exploring research methodology, and am writing a new cross-faculty module for the MA Education in Leadership, Management, and Change.

After a career in professional music and education, I (re-)turned to academia and quickly established myself working within a critical paradigm which helped make sense of my experiences of the world and my hopes for the future. My research emanates from the field of alternative organising and explores a range of approaches which reject mainstream markers of economic production and competitive individualism. My doctoral study interrogated Teal Organising within an online community of practice. Recent work has taken this expertise forward in alternative and digital settings, with common emphases on alterity, be(com)ing, and epistemic theories of truth.

In the University of the West of England, I serve on the Faculty Research Ethics Committee for the Faculty of Business and Law. In the wider academic community, I am a member of the Executive Committee for the Academy of Management Critical Management Studies Division (Co-Chair track between 2020-2025). I am an active member of the European Group for Organizational Studies, British Academy of Management, and Association of Internet Researchers communities.

Area of expertise

My research takes ideas about alternative organising as a starting point and builds on a heterodoxy of approaches to consider how we might cultivate new organizational practices and subjectivities. Working with ethnographically-framed methodologies (often adapted for the online world – in particular, netnography) my research takes aim at new empirical realities and questions the co-transformative power that digital technologies have over how we experience life and work. Finding greatest sympathy with the experiences of the organised, my theorising is motivated by a desire to understand these individual experiences, especially within alternative organisational settings.

I have ongoing interests in developing expertise around:

  • alternative approaches to organizing that sit on the periphery of critical attention (e.g. Teal Organising, Holacracy, Sociocracy, B Corps movements); and,
  • netnographic research methods (and digital methods more broadly) suitable for interrogating online/offline world.

I have current projects focusing on:

  • agnotology (the study of culturally induced ignorance) and the organisation of the Anthropocene;
  • informational abundance, knowledge and truth claims, and the role of online organisations in fact-checking, and,
  • learning and teaching differently through critical management education.

I enjoy collaborations with scholars who share a desire to eradicate the marginalisation and othering of certain groups, and who seek to overcome feelings of powerless in the face of the global effects of inequalities manifested through disease, poverty, and hunger.

I am happy to receive enquiries about potential supervision at masters and doctoral levels.


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