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Samuel Fajana is a distinguished academic renowned for his commitment to advancing knowledge in the teaching of built environment subjects. 
In research, a number of his scholarly endeavours have yielded significant achievements. Fajana currently has i10 and h-index scores of 4 respectively (from 99 high-profile citations), reflecting the high impact of his collaborative work across the following key areas:
1. UK fund structure: a study on unlisted property fund performance provides critical insights into fund performance, risk factors, and the dynamics of this niche but significant sector. This work, published in 2016, contributes to a broader understanding of investment strategies and opportunities within the UK real estate market.
2. Property Valuation Inaccuracy: Fajana's collaborative work delves into the pervasive issue of valuation inaccuracy in office markets and commercial sectors.
3. BIM Interoperability: Scholarly work on the need for interoperability are noteworthy. By examining the challenges and solutions related to BIM data exchange and integration, this research piece enhances understanding & facilitates knowledge on the seamless flow of information amongst project participants.

Oluwaseun is increasingly engaged in community outreach and industry-related initiatives. He has been a key player in organizing seminars and workshops aimed at bridging the gap between academia and real estate practice. His expertise, dedication, and vision for the future makes him a valued asset to the University of the West of England (UWE), as his contributions to academia reinforce the shape in which we teach and engage in a dynamic world.


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