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 I'm a Lecturer in HRM and a PhD candidate with a thesis on the Gender Pay Gap and Same-Sex Families in the Italian context.

In 2014 I have achieved a BSc degree in Psychology with a dissertation on a Critical Analysis on Regnerus study on adult children of gay and lesbian parents. 
In 2017, I achieved an MSc in Organizational and Industrial Psychology with a thesis on the knowledge of Gender Studies in school teachers.

My PhD thesis aims to understand the problem of sexual orientation pay gap for parents who are in a same-sex relationship within an intersectional framework. With this work I am not only trying to understand to what extent pay inequality is an issue for LGB families, but also what are the possible underlying causes such as division of paid and unpaid labour, equal division of housework and childcare, and discrimination in the workplace.

Recently, I have started writing as a co-author for a chapter on Trade Unions and Inclusion. The chapter will be published in the academic book "Diversity and Inclusion in Italy: Societal and Organizational Perspectives" which is part of the Springer series "Diversity and Inclusion Research". 

Area of expertise

HRM, Gender studies, Queer studies


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