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  • Qualifications:BSc(Hons) Forensic Science
  • Position:Senior Technical Instructor Forensic Science
  • Department:HAS - Applied Sciences
  • Telephone:+4411732 84586
  • Email:Sarah2.Almond@uwe.ac.uk
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About me

Senior Technical Instructor in Forensic Science at UWE Bristol.

I have a large amount of experience in teaching the practical crime scene and laboratory based part of the BSc and MSci Forensic Science course and the MSc in Advanced Forensic Analysis. Having also taken the UWE Forensic Science BSc(Hons) course myself many years ago I have a unique insight into the course from both sides of the pond.  I adore teaching and working with project students, developing their laboratory and practical based skills in the field, crime scene house and lab.  I am dedicated to improving the practical experience of students at UWE Bristol and improving their student experience. 

Our Forensic courses have a huge amount of practical based work which increases the employability of our graduates, the work they do in our labs and crime scene simulation house is hugely important and I am proud to be a part of that.  Our students are able to use our extensive suite of instrumentation, and they are encouraged to do so in classes and in projects, this gives them a big advantage over a lot of other graduates when applying for jobs or beginning careers in a scientific field.  

Area of expertise

My areas of expertise include:

Forensic science, crime scene investigation and processing, evidence collection and packaging. Trace evidence collection, collection, development and visualisation of fingermarks including Vacuum Metal Deposition, Cyanoacrylate fuming, powders and chemical development methods.

Forensic research projects for undergraduate and post-graduate studies, supporting, guiding and working with students undertaking projects, supervising their laboratory time and practical work.

Presumptive testing of biological fluids and drugs, including the documentation associated with search and recovery. Forensic imaging including forensic microscopy, evidence visualisation and forensic photography.

Chemical and biological safety including COSHH and HSE biological guidelines.


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